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Teachers' Role in Correcting Stuttering Students   Kagema Njogu

Teachers' Role in Correcting Stuttering Students

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study investigated the problem of speech disorder with special reference to stuttering and the role of the teacher in offering correction, control and helping the stuttering students improve in their language level. The study focused on the general observation of language acquisition among children. Studies on speech defects have traced their developments and critically evaluated them. Stuttering manifests itself when the speaker tends to stammer or hesitate, searching for words or even repeating words with a struggle. Speech defects pose a problem to both the teachers and the learners due to lack of proper communication. Stuttering is one of these defects that may be largely ignored and therefore, this research wanted to fill the gap by documenting this condition to enhance positive responses by the parents, teachers and the general public to the affected children. The goal of communication is accomplished if the speakers participate and absorb fully in the conversation or the...
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