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An Investigation of The Impact of Japanese educational culture   Junko Winch

An Investigation of The Impact of Japanese educational culture

256 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The current language teaching and learning environment in British higher educational establishments appears to have two main characteristics. Firstly, an unprecedented number of students from various cultural backgrounds now study in the UK, including students with a cultural background that is very different from the Anglophone educational culture. Secondly, Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) remains the prevailing teaching method used in higher educational establishments, however, CLT is based on assumptions that relate closely to the Anglophone language teaching and learning environment. This study poses a question of whether CLT should continue to be valued and relied upon in this new international teaching and learning environment. Those who involve in language teaching and develop the teaching curriculum are encouraged to examine other educational cultures and teaching practices from non-Anglophone countries and assess how they may be combined with CLT to reflect the new...
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