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Shaping A Resourceful Teacher   Joseph Kimoga

Shaping A Resourceful Teacher

188 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Shaping a resourceful teacher: a new pedagogical outlook, challenges the existing/traditional intellectual ability categorisations. Some teachers get involved with learners intending to equip knowledge to the equippable and others with an intention of sharing knowledge with learners that can do so. This, however, doesn't consider many learners that may be victims of circumstancial handicaps. This book draws on ordinary school practice in various backgrounds; it uses examples taken from interactive environments mainly, classrooms. It draws on teachers' voices in response to situations in which they practice. These obvious situations aid in propagating a new pedagogical outlook. Teaching and learning interaction has to be friendly in a way that the teacher has to appreciate themselves in order to appreciate the learners in their care. This book is suitable for reference at any level of teacher training, by teacher-trainers and trainees, and professionals in practice
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