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Project Management: Workshops by Design   Betty McDonald

Project Management: Workshops by Design

124 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Preparing and managing any project could be a horrendous task. Workshops are no exceptions! Given the magnitude of the task you can easily get frustrated and give up. Knowing how a workshop can be managed expeditiously would make a world of difference to you. The contents of this book promise to make your task become lighter and more enjoyable as you learn your way around the mazes that tend to get you discouraged. This book is intended to raise awareness of some best practices and provide you with detailed guidance on the preparation, execution and aftermath management of a workshop. You may find many of the checklists invaluable for your personal use. These checklists may generate additional ideas for many of your other activities. The author draws information from over 40 years academic experience. She presents tried-and-tested methods that have helped her in the delivery of workshops, with participant evaluation rating of over 90%. This book puts project management to the test. ...
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