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Challenges Facing Teen Mothers in Secondary Schools in Kenya   Margaret Kamara Kosgey,John Chang'ach and Emmy Kipsoi

Challenges Facing Teen Mothers in Secondary Schools in Kenya

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
‘Challenges Facing Teen Mothers in Secondary Schools,’ is based on information from teen mothers on the experiences they face in schools upon re-admission. With first hand information from teen mothers and other key respondents, the book exposes the difficulties of simultaneous parenting and schooling despite the teen mothers’ tender age and inexperience. Health and emotional issues related to premature births and parenting and which pose great difficulties in the learning process are also discussed. In addition, it explores the roles of school heads, teacher counsellors and students in alleviating or causing teen mothers’ social trauma which emanates from lack of acceptability and accommodation among peers in school. The book pays special attention to the implementation of the re-entry policy that should see such mothers comfortably re-admitted and perfectly accommodated among their school mates while pertinent issues and assumptions of education administration in Kenya related to...
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