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Psycho-Cultural Adjustment of Foreign Students at Colleges in the US   Charles Anemelu

Psycho-Cultural Adjustment of Foreign Students at Colleges in the US

272 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Maladjustments of foreign-born students and migrants have for so long remained understudied and inadequately understood. This book is, therefore, a unique contribution to foreign-born students (FBSs)’ adjustment challenges at community colleges in the northeastern United States. It represents a profoundly strategic attempt to uncover the root cause of foreign-born students’ and even migrants’ post-migration adjustment challenges in a foreign land based on previously underexplored psycho-cultural factors outlined in this book. This study employs both quantitative and qualitative approaches to examine this research problem: It examined the influence of six (three-compound) factors in major areas of adjustment by FBSs. Also, it identified and explored the influence of those factors on FBSs' adjustment on college campuses and their possible explanations. This book will certainly open up new vistas in the assessment and evaluation of foreign-born students at high school, college and...
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