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Implementation of ICT Policies in Primary Teachers Colleges in Kenyan   Jafred Muyaka,Violet Wawire and Maurice Makatiani

Implementation of ICT Policies in Primary Teachers Colleges in Kenyan

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book is a resource for scholars interested in best practices for use of ICTs in teaching and learning. It outlines the systematic events that led to adoption of Information and Communication Technology in Kenyan system of education. This is done by documenting the role of ICTs in increasing access to improved education. Furthermore, it provides an overview of the policies that the Government developed and introduced into Primary Teachers Colleges (PTCs) to guide training of teachers with competencies in integration of ICTs in education. The writers discuss the status of ICT use in teaching and learning in PTCs, adopting a different approach that involves both the qualifications of the teacher trainees and their lecturers and how their level of preparedness affects mainstreaming of ICTs in teaching and learning. Lastly, the authors provide workable recommendations that the Government can utilize to improve the level of ICT integration in the country.
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