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Trafficking of Girls and Provisions for Their Education   Jitendra Kumar and Sangeeta Singh

Trafficking of Girls and Provisions for Their Education

296 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The children of today are the future of tomorrow; this powerful statement assumes special significance in our context as female comprise half of the total population in the country. Every child, on provision of a conducive and an enabling environment, may blossom into an ever fragrant flower, to shine in all spheres of life. This reminds us of the onerous responsibility that we have to mould and shape their present conditions in the best possible way. In general terms of developing country like India many factor as poverty, population, lack of education, low valuation of girl child, loss of traditional sources of livelihood, modernization of society, basic and big demands can be seen as the problem of human trafficking. India is a country where the trafficking of women and children occurs frequently and the incidents are seemed to be correlated with the economic social demographic and natural factor among other. Trafficking is one kind of migration meaning to recruitment of...
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