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Rethinking Research in Philosophy of Education   Alka Macwan

Rethinking Research in Philosophy of Education

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The field of educational philosophy is spreading fast but the research activity in this field has yet to assume a height of intensity. Development in philosophy over last decades has made little impact on educational research. From philosopher’s point of view, it is tempting to say that educational researchers have simply not tried to understand what the philosophers have been saying. Most of the researches carried out in this area have adopted the historical, documentary and descriptive methodology which, in fact, should not be considered as proper methodologies for the study of philosophical data. The lack of appropriate methodology has caused persistence of many ambiguities and confusions in the field of educational concepts and practices. This calls for ascertaining a theoretical model of research for a reliable study in the field of educational philosophy.The present book has taken up an approach which purports to apply an analytical method to determine a theoretical model...
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