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Critico-Creative Education   Titus Ogalo Pacho

Critico-Creative Education

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A well-balanced education that prepares Africans to live confidently as Africans in today’s globalized world is a requisite for developing active and responsible citizenry. The work explores critico-creative education as one of African education’s most important needs. This work proposes a teaching philosophy and methodology, which responds to the many challenges that Africa is facing today. Fundamental to this vision of education is its insistence on developing critical and creative thinking. Equally important in the educational methodology proposed in this work are the cultivation of social commitment and the encouragement of a participatory, democratic society. This work is relevant for every educational programme, particularly in the African context and also throughout the world. “Ogalo’s thought on philosophy of education, chapters one and two, shows greater depth and more detailed analysis. His application to social and political philosophy, chapters three and four, shows...
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