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Mapping of Poor and Marginalized Youth Employment in Bangladesh   Md. A. Halim Miah

Mapping of Poor and Marginalized Youth Employment in Bangladesh

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Bangladesh has made tremendous progress in economic and social indicators among the developing countries. It has very close to attain in MDGs target one to halving the poverty rate and close to attain other targets like in primary enrollment, reducing gender parity both primary and secondary education, significantly reduced under five child and maternal mortality ratio, ensuring safe drinking water and increasing access to hygienic latrine use. In the macro economic sector its annual growth rate is more than 6% which is better than some neighboring countries like India and Pakistan. Despite of its progress it has some challenges like still there are 17.5% extreme poor of its total people and majority of them are young and adolescent. In each year around two million new young joins in the employment market where most of them are very lacked in having formal and vocational education. Agriculture modernization, expansion of non farm and off farm SMEs in rural and urban sites...
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