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The child with down's syndrome and cerebral palsy   Margaret Selpha Amateshe

The child with down's syndrome and cerebral palsy

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Speech and language acquisition is a prerequisite to oral communication. Studies have shown that there is a natural chronological age and time when most children acquire this skills. However, a child who fails to follow this progression is considered to have speech delay. This work, like many others, established that Down's Syndrome and Cerebral palsy conditions lead to speech problems. However, the speech later develops due to among other things, maturity and the communication needs that emerge. That a variety of complementary intervention techniques to help correct the situation are in application in the school curriculum, the sole purpose being to make this children communicate their basic needs and to become better members of the community. The contents of this book target all stake holders in the education sector and parents of such children.
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