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Exploring the Preferences of Biological & Love Needs   ABDUL GHAFOOR NASIR

Exploring the Preferences of Biological & Love Needs

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Maslow (1970) and other psychologists have done excellent work in the field of motivation. However, this does not mean an end for further research. Still there is need to further undertaking research to know about the role of a person in the realm of needs from psychological needs to self-actualization needs because all needs of a body have many characteristics from candle to grave. They are different from species to species and their effects are also different in the various cultural settings of the society. The man is struggling hard for life from the beginning to the end for the fulfillment of his needs. But it will be continued to the end of this universe. It seems utmost desire for the survival of everlasting life. So he is doing hard work, for the outstanding achievements, inventions and innovations in every walk of life. He is intensely taking much care of his passing moments but the fast moving moments have no respect and honor for him. But seeing the past and...
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