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Team Work For Business Organization Perfomance   Baraka Kambi

Team Work For Business Organization Perfomance

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is widely recognized that business organizations aim for success in their daily undertaking. Thus many business organizations find that teamwork is imperative and critical for their success. The objectives of this book is to show how teamwork can contribute to the performance of business organization. Cocacola company which is a case study in this book has shown that success comes because of team work from the top managers to the low level lay workers. Team work is a competitive edge that give the company ability to perform better than other companies in the respective industry. This book is a wake up call to Directors,managers and workers that one reason for declining businesses is because of lack of team work. Team work brings about synergy and act as catalyst of success at work places. Lastly, ineffective communication,brutality to subordinates,little understanding on importance of team work,groups in working places and lack of clear shared vision are...
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