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Reading Ability in Communicative English Courses Vs Subject Area Study   Tesfaye Legese

Reading Ability in Communicative English Courses Vs Subject Area Study

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The researcher tried to investigate the reading ability of first year degree students at Kotebe College of Teacher Education. In order to do this, the study subjects were selected from the learners systematically. Then reading ability tests were administered on students form three different departments. The results showed that both reading speed and comprehension level of the learners are below the level of the standards. The reading speed and comprehension were weakly Correlated. Based on the gaps observed and the findings of the study, the researcher forwards recommendations. Since the students academic achievements, though it the era of ICT, are highly dependent on their reading ability level, reading should be given due attention in this era of modern world. TESFAYE LEGESE SEGNI, the Author I read Mr. Tesfaye's work with great enthusiasm and found to be a book that reveals the realization of the current generation as far as reading is concerned. His recommendations help me improve...
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