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Litigations and the management of higher education in Nigeria   Samuel O. Nwafor and Nyege C. Nnokam

Litigations and the management of higher education in Nigeria

176 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Litigations and the Management of higher Education in Rivers State,Nigeria provides an overview of simple administrative processes and practices of educational management. This text does not claim finality in respect of content and treatment, rather at best, it was designed to satisfy the yearnings of the wider audience including students, teachers, practicing education administrators, all education interest groups and the general readers on the trend, causes and impact of litigations on the management of institutions of higher education. Rivers State, Nigeria was used as the datum point for most examples and illustrations in the book.The content of this book, it is hoped,should generate wider interests in the subject as well as evoke healthy argument and investigations that may ultimately give birth to more publications on litigations and management of higher education. This book was intended to bridge the knowledge gaps and add importantly to the available literature. ...
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