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A Validation Study of NeuroTouch in Neurosurgical Training   Gmaan A. Alzhrani,Susanne P. Lajoie and Rolando F. Del Maestro

A Validation Study of NeuroTouch in Neurosurgical Training

108 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the NeuroTouch simulator platform is being utilized throughout the word by multiple centres to foster neurosurgical technical skill acquisition, it is critical to study the validity of this system. In this work, we assessed the psychomotor skills of board certified neurosurgeons (experts), senior and junior neurosurgical residents, and medical students while performing a variety of simulated brain tumor resections. Motor skills of operators are measured objectively using a set of novel performance metrics derived from the simulator. The authors provide a statistical analysis of each group based on two tiers of metrics that focus on patient safety, quality and efficiency of simulated brain tumor resections. This work furthers our understanding of neurosurgical expertise, and provides neurosurgical trainees with pre-defined proficiency-based benchmarks designed to maximize surgical technical skills, avoid operative errors and most importantly to improved patient outcomes.
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