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Impact of Cooperative Learning on Learning Outcomes in Mathematics   Savita Sharma and Meena Kumari

Impact of Cooperative Learning on Learning Outcomes in Mathematics

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Creating a Learning Society has been the clarion call for any innovative school system and ,for that matter, the urge to innovate the teacher education scenario is considered to quite crucial.A learning society aims at developing individuals who are constantly keen and awake to examine and re-examine their goals, their thoughts and their models in pursuit of building a knowledgeable paradigm for lifelong learning as a shared version.A constructivist experiences and reflects on the phenomenon to 'create' knowledge and wisdom that suits the cooperative learning environment. The hallmark of the constructivist pedagogy is well reflected in the author's contention as the slogan "Together We Stand',Divided We Fall",in that the scholar ,have tried to piece together the merits of cooperative learning quite successfully highlighting various models and strategies that would positively contribute to creating cooperative learning environment in the classroom to make learning lasting and...
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