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Impact of P.F.M Training in Enhancing Self Efficacy of Asthmatic Child   Sahar Mahmood El-Khedr

Impact of P.F.M Training in Enhancing Self Efficacy of Asthmatic Child

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Asthma is a common lung disease of childhood throughout the world. Educating children about asthma self management including Peak Flow Meter training enable them to cope adequately with the disease and make asthma controllable.The best way to help children feel good about themselves is to provide them with opportunities to learn what their strengths are and to help them to cultivate the belief that they can rely on their strengths when facing a challenge and therefore improve self efficacy. Self efficacy is a term used in psychology, corresponding to a person's belief in their own competence. It is the belief that one is capable of performing in a certain manner to attain a set of goals. Our personalized ideas of self-efficacy affect our social interactions in almost every way.Children'beliefs about their capabilities to produce designated levels of performance that exercise influence over events that affect their lives. Self-efficacy beliefs determine how children feel, think,...
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