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Creative Arts   Hannah Kang'ara

Creative Arts

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Art is the human ability to transform an idea into forms. The form so created is skillfully articulated to satisfy an aesthetic or utilitarian function. Creative art is self-fulfilling, and practical in nature. It aids in development of talent for the child artist contributing to the development of an all-round person. In school it helps to support leaning in other subjects. Music, art, craft, dance and drama have the power to transform learners into strong personalities who are able to think critically and communicate powerfully. However, creative Arts is faced with many problems that threaten its place in our schools and society. The existing education policies have Creative Arts as a non-examinable subject in primary schools, a matter that does not favour the teaching of the subject in the classroom and the ripple effect is being felt in the other levels of education
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