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Spiritual Intelligence : A Deep Connection   Rajeshkumar V. Parmar

Spiritual Intelligence : A Deep Connection

76 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Spirituality in education refers to no more and no less than a deep connection between student, teacher and subject. So, the connection is so honest and vital. Nourishment of this spark in the classroom allows it to flourish in the world, in the arenas of politics, medicine and engineering wherever our students go. An important aspect of spirituality in education is the motive for teaching and learning. Spirituality in education refers to a transcendence and compassion in the classroom that acknowledges the interconnectedness of the students, the teachers and the subjects. Teacher should have passion for teaching and those who are committed, enthusiastic, and intellectually, emotionally and spiritually energetic in their work with students can excel in their profession. This passion is essential to achieve high-quality in teaching. Such teachers are the torchbearers in creating social cohesion, national and global integration and a learning society. Even the best of a system is bound...
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