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Engineering Electromagnetics Fundamentals   Fathe Allythi

Engineering Electromagnetics Fundamentals

220 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is no any doubt that the undergraduate student in electrical engineering needs broad and deep understanding for the principles of electric and magnetic fields as background for the rapidly developing areas referred to as electromagnetic engineering by some and energy conversion by others. Thus, in addition to the general aspects of electromagnetic fields, discussions of the sources and points of development forces and torques in such fields, the general features of energy storage, energy flow, energy transfer, energy conversion all of those require added emphasis. The simplicity to a great extent in explaining each subject and the concentration on its applications by different enough examples are the features that have been adopted in developing the text material of this book "Engineering Electro-Magnetics Fundamentals". Thus, this book has been written to meet the introductory phase of the needs of the electrical engineering student.
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