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Using Book Clubs to Support Under-Performing Students in Literacy   Robert Walters and Dalia Alghamdi

Using Book Clubs to Support Under-Performing Students in Literacy

148 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
An extensive body of literature exists outlining the effectiveness of book clubs and their use, both in and outside of the classroom. However, limited research exists discussing why and how book clubs are effective at improving literacy skills and the key indicators that mark this success. This book presents research findings that seek to explore the effects of book clubs on improving literacy and building a community of learners in the classroom. Using four seventh-grade, under-performing students, the book outlines some of the key factors for making an effective book club in a Canadian setting. The book first contextualizes itself in the current literature of book clubs and communities of learning and then presents findings from classroom observations and interviews from the perspective of a ‘mathematics guy’. These findings indicate a positive, causal relationship between the use of a book club as a learning tool and building a community of learners, which in turn improves literacy...
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