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(NGOS’) Contribution To Poverty Reduction In Rwanda   Emmanuel Mupende

(NGOS’) Contribution To Poverty Reduction In Rwanda

76 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Poverty is a situation where individuals or house hold lack enough resources in form of land and income to satisfy their basic needs like food, medical care, children schooling and suffer under other shortages of social, economic, infrastructure and natural resources. Poverty as a main obstacle to the economic development in Rwanda, The most affected by it, is people living in rural areas. NGOs have been sought as adequate tool to alleviate poverty, but they failed to reach the most affected people because of donors and limited sources of intervention. During the past few years, a new strategy for poverty reduction has emerged and viewed to be successful; this is an idea of NGOs. The large and successful reaching the poor in Rwanda has relied on the support of donors and government. therefore,in Rwanda NGO's has contributed poverty reduction through different intervention including agriculture technology,infrastructure, health services, social protection.
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