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The Predictive Validity of Selection Criteria of KCTE   Yoseph Shumi

The Predictive Validity of Selection Criteria of KCTE

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Universities and colleges throughout the world use varying selection criteria to admit students to their diploma and degree programs. The selection criteria are designed on the basis of the potential ability of the student to perform well in the program, the economic need of the society, the space available in the institution offering the program and the like. The main objective of admission criteria is to identify candidates for certain training programs who will complete the training competently and successfully and go into professional careers, and who will also do well and profit from the training program. The value of selection criteria can be assessed by the degree to which it can fulfill this objective. In selection and admission process we have to assure whether the criteria we use are valid and helpful to admit those applicants with the best chance of success or not. That is why predictive validity study is carried out. Thus, it is important to have this work at hand.
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