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Career Maturity from Asian Perspective: A Case Study   Mustafa Tekke

Career Maturity from Asian Perspective: A Case Study

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Career maturity is an important stage for university students, and is essential to help them establish productive careers that will prepare them for the world of work. This vital stage is necessary for choosing the right major of study and helping students become successful. Gaining occupational information and self-knowledge related to career aspirations can assist them in enhancing the level of career maturity. To some extent, the degree of career maturity is determined by the readiness of the individual to make informed, age-appropriate career decisions and cope with appropriate career developmental tasks. In order to provide better services to the students and also to plan for effective career guidance, it is important to determine the possible influences of career decision making on the degree to which individuals actively employ behaviours and attitudes being indicative of career maturity and identification of future career planning. Furthermore, this proposed study...
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