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Nutritional Status and Education of The Tribes of Andhra Pradesh   Devarakonda Suresh,Kodali Vijayanthimala and Satyanarayana Ratha

Nutritional Status and Education of The Tribes of Andhra Pradesh

152 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Andhra Pradesh, a State in the Southern part of India, having the largest tribal population as well as the largest tribal area. Communities living here, since time immemorial, are isolated from the general population and represent different levels of socio-economic development. Their food intake is influenced by seasons and varies from extreme deprivation in lean season to high levels of intakes during post harvest period. In addition, lack of education, isolation, socio-cultural practices and taboos, primitive agricultural practices, poverty and other poor infrastructure facilities etc, leads to the development of morbidities/ill health. To overcome this, a number of programmes have been implemented by the Central and State Governments. In spite of all these measures, the tribes remain socially and economically disadvantaged. This book examines the issues closely and suggests remedial measures.
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