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Paradoxical view and Content Analysis in Quality Education   Prohlad Roy

Paradoxical view and Content Analysis in Quality Education

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Quality education is the process and system of education for all around development. Quality education is not absolute. It is relative in respect of space and time. Education being a man-making process, the most important aspect of education to process developments oriented man, equipped with necessary knowledge, skill and aptitude to lead a healthy productive and useful life in the society. Education must inflate in man and woman a scientific attitude and initiation, resourcefulness and amiable temperament. Obviously two priorities emerge out in the present educational situation in India-which are (1) Liquidation of illiteracy through (A) Universalization of Primary Education and (B) Rapid and intensive Expansion of Adult-Education and (II) Reorientation and Reconstruction of secondary and Higher Education. Measurement in content analysis is of three types, classification (or categorization). Direction and counting (quantification). The first two were discussed in earlier chapter,...
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