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Attitude of Local Community towards the Fuctioning of Primary Schools   Smt. K.Suseela,Putha Harinath and Y. Varaprasada Reddy

Attitude of Local Community towards the Fuctioning of Primary Schools

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since independence if me look at the progress in last couple of decades,the goal of universalizing elementary education (UEE) still seems very distant, Although intensive efforts have been made forward the achievement of UEE dropout rates continue to the significant.Intention of children in primary schools in low and wastage in considerable even among those who service the first five years in school achievement levels are deplorably low many programmes have given objectives and so many commissions have recommended for achieving goal of UEE. Functioning of primary schools is also of the case of children’s detention from school,teacher performance and the parent’s participation is important role in the functioning of primary schools in rural areas.This situation calls for in depth study for the functioning of the primary schools. Moreover it is generally felt that the performance of rural schools is not satisfactory. There is a lot disparity between the urban & rural schools while...
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