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Job Satisfaction and Teaching Effectiveness of Teacher Educators   M. Chandramma

Job Satisfaction and Teaching Effectiveness of Teacher Educators

372 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Teaching is a spiritual process; in which one’s mind projects itself into another depending on the personal force of the teacher. As the teacher is to guide the pupils by his example as well as by his percept, he must possess certain definite qualities. The best teachers are those who have certain natural qualifications for the job. The primary obligation of the teaching profession is to guide the children, youth and adults in pursuit of knowledge and skills, to prepare them to follow the way of democracy. Teachers who commit themselves to the profession and who have knowledge, devotion and sacrifice alone can build teaching profession. Satisfaction is an essential factor in any profession. Unless a man is satisfied with his job, it is very difficult for him to carry on his duties effectively and efficiently. A large number of factors like the employee’s temperament, health, age, social status, activities, political or social organizations determine his satisfaction with the job. This...
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