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Factors Having Impact on the Career Decisions   Aamir Sarwar and Amna Azmat

Factors Having Impact on the Career Decisions

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The main purpose of this study was to identify all the factors having impact on the career decisions of business graduates in Pakistan. The factors were divided into five broad categories family, socializers, environmental influence, personality, and career preferences. Data was collected from all the private and public business schools of Lahore. Total sample size was 400. From the findings, a model was proposed which showed two results. First part showed the trend for preferring management oriented jobs over other career options and second part included preference business over other career options. Data analysis further revealed that students are more likely to pursue their career in the same sector as of their fathers and family. Students however, agreed that media is playing a positive role in helping the students regarding their career choices. Eight variables including status conscious, socializers, and influence of gender, importance of...
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