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Adult Third Culture Kids: Potential global leaders with global mindset   Patricia Stokke

Adult Third Culture Kids: Potential global leaders with global mindset

172 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today’s complex international business environment there is an increasing need for leaders, who think globally and are equipped to lead on the global stage. CEOs and Human Resource professionals alike agree on the challenge of identifying and developing this global talent. Problems arise due to a shortage of qualified individuals, the expense and time consuming nature of global leadership development programs, and failed expatriate assignments. This critical situation demands that a concerted effort goes into the selection of global talent, but first who are they and where can they be found? These questions led Dr. Stokke to explore whether Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs), who spent at least one of their formative years growing up in a foreign country, have a propensity for global mindedness and global leadership. The mixed methods research findings suggest four emergent themes that are also qualities displayed by global leaders. ATCKs tend to be changers, communicators, creative...
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