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Science Teacher Training in Tanzania   Angelista Joseph

Science Teacher Training in Tanzania

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study was conducted at Saint Joseph’s Teachers College. It looked at: the relevance of the curriculum, utilization of the knowledge, skills, attitudes, strategies, approaches and values acquired, challenges faced by the College and recommend on the improvement of the programme. Naturalistic and cross sectional survey designs were employed in the study. The study found out that the College effectively prepares Biology teachers, the courses are relevant, the graduates appreciate and apply the knowledge, skills and values they leant at College and the College has adequate and qualified staff. The College is facing the challenge of low enrollment and high running costs. The College met its objectives by producing academically excellent and high moral integrity Biology teachers. this can be evident by conducting a tracer study of graduates from this particular institution to find out their programme satisfactions. It is recommended that the responsible Ministry should ensure:...
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