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Training Package Based on Cooperative Learning Strategy   Usha A. Borkar and Madhura Kesarkar

Training Package Based on Cooperative Learning Strategy

376 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The teacher of 21st century needs to be proactive in developing in the future citizen an attitude of 'Learning to be and Learning to live together'. Researches have shown that Cooperative Learning Strategy(CLS)does provide a forum to teach children how to socialize in appropriate ways along with optimizing their learning.However, some methods of Cooperative Learning as a conceptual model alone can be difficult to understand and complicated to implement.Hence, teachers require systematic training and instruction in the various methods of Cooperative Learning as well as consistent practice and effort to implement CLS successfully.With this premise, the book describes the process of designing Training Package based on CLS.The book provides in depth information about theoretical background and varied methods of CLS,planning and implementation of CLS in different secondary subjects.The book is also visualized to be used as a guide for training teachers and implementing CLS in various...
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