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Informal Faculty Mentoring of Master's Degree Students   Nangai Yang

Informal Faculty Mentoring of Master's Degree Students

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the long years of our school education so many of us have keenly felt the enduring impact of our most respected or favorite teachers or instructors in our lives. And we know that they are an integral part of quality at all educational levels. However, instead of adopting the traditional case study of successful teachers the author of this book chooses to look at what is here dubbed as mentoring behaviors and mechanisms that are believed to be beneficial to the proteges receiving such behaviors. It is also the author's hope that the examination of master's degree students' informal mentoring experience and dynamics in the academic, career and professional as well as pyschosocial dimensions as presented in this book will fill in a gap in the mentoring literature in education, thus shedding light on the study of students' true needs as well as factors that contribute to successful mentoring relationships.
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