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Challenges of Teacher Education in Jharkhand   Shilpi Kumari

Challenges of Teacher Education in Jharkhand

172 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The current B.Ed. programme in Jharkhand seems to be deviated from the reality of school life largely due to inadequacy in practical and field work experience aspect of the programme, paucacity of time period for operation of different aspects of the curriculum, conventional transactional approaches and quantitative evaluation process being practiced as well as lack of link between theory and practice in the programme. This book reveals that the secondary teacher education programme in Jharkhand is more or less a knowledge transmission model inefficient to foster prospective teachers as a facilitator of pupil’s learning in varied socio-cultural context. It may serve as a useful reference for teacher- educators, MHRD and head of governmental and non-governmental organisations dealing with teacher education to evolve a quality teacher education programme capable of meeting the emerging challenges of secondary education in Jharkhand.
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