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Teachers Perceptions and Attitudes on Implementing Inclusive Education   Kedir Ali Kediro

Teachers Perceptions and Attitudes on Implementing Inclusive Education

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Implementing change as complex as inclusion first of all requires having clear understanding about its concept and aims. Unfortunately understanding about inclusion, despite consensus reached at Salamanca, still varies widely. It is therefore relatively easy to imagine how perceptions and attitudes on inclusion would impact on its implementation and therefore are critical issues to raise in implementing inclusive education. If one does not know clearly what to achieve, it would also follow that one could have difficulty in what it takes to achieve it. This book closely looks at one mainstream school to assess the various views of teachers and how such views have impacted on implementation of inclusive education within the school. It demonstrates clearly what was available and what was lacking as a result of the then existing perceptions and attitudes in terms of policy, planning, management, professional development and other support system to realize inclusion.
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