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Emotional Intelligence   Parveenbanu M. Malek

Emotional Intelligence

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book grew out of my experiences over teaching of Psychology. Through observing many classrooms as a teacher­ trainer and evaluator and from my own success experiences author got the inspiration to write this book. Psychology is a vast subject with many crucial aspects related Emotional Intelligence, Intelligence, and Spiritual Quotient etc. which make the subject complicated and difficult to comprehend. Psychology has become one of the very important subjects in the preparation of every teacher’s today. This is so because of the increasing emphasis being put on the interplay of body, mind & spirit, in the learning status of every individual &the healthy functioning of groups of individual.Another field where the practical knowledge of psychology is important, to everyone whatever their work is that they need a great field of interpersonal relationships.The success in the life of any person depends on how the people get along with others, how they affect others and how they react...
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