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Achievement Motivation as predictors of Academic Performance   Md. Faiz Ahmad

Achievement Motivation as predictors of Academic Performance

368 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book help us to know that Achievemt Motivation plays a vital role in all our achievement particular academic achievement. History stand on the witness and psychologically it is proved that people always become because of their achievemt motivation level, they face all the odds and become sucessful because of their aspiration and in modern system of education it is tthe factor whic supercedes all the factor so far achievemtn is concerned.This book made all efforts to know how a child of poor family may excel academically because of his achievement motivation level, how a female can go ahead to fmale becaude of motivation and how rural people can do better because of their desire and aspiration so in todays world which is full of compettion and information it is the motivation for achievement which can make a person distiungish and give every person his or her own personal identity because of his achievement motivation. I hope this book will give a beautiful path to all downtrodden...
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