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Facebook; Students'academic Killer   Petro Raphael

Facebook; Students'academic Killer

52 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This paper examined the reality of Facebook usage in relation to the Academic performance of students especially in Ordinary secondary schools; the students who are in the danger age of digital (they like to judge things most in positive without considering its negativity). It many outline many problems related to Facebook usage and the solutions to minimize if not to solve them. The focus of this research is to help these students to use Facebook for the benefit in their studies without provoking its policies and affect their academic performance. When tracing from the aim of the study, there are impacts of facebook in academic performance of Ordinary Secondary Schools in Olorieni Ward as viewed in the major three objectives as to know the time spent by Ordinary Secondary School in Facebook per day, how the facebook usage by Ordinary secondary students affect relationships between students themselves and even between students and teachers in the process of learning as well as how...
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