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Meaningful Parental Involvement   Mary Ellen Good

Meaningful Parental Involvement

220 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Meaningful parental involvement is an important component of the academic success of all children; however, little is known about how this construct plays out in migrant farm worker families. To gain a deeper understanding of parental involvement in this special population, I traveled many roads over the course of a school year with six migrant parents, all mothers and fathers of elementary, middle and high school students. Based on a critical theory framework, we conducted a qualitative research study using case study and portraiture methods. Through interviews, observations in natural settings, and a review of documents and photo jouranals, together we co-constructed the findings which are presented as four interconnected themes: Migrant Parents as Mexican Immigrants, Academic Ethos, Critical Relationships, and Empowerment. Students benefit when educators make time to listen and learn from their parents. Like others, migrant parents want the best education possible for their...
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