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Self Financed English Medium Teacher Education Institutions of Gujarat   Rakesh Ranjan

Self Financed English Medium Teacher Education Institutions of Gujarat

184 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Education is one of the primary factors that takes a country to the ranks of developed nations. Nothing survives in modern society without knowledge. Education is a complex term but if we narrow down the meaning it remains as “an interaction between the teacher and the taught”. It is education that fits the pupil to environment. The quality of school education is the outcome of the quality of teachers and the teacher education system. Teachers are the most critical agents of change, responsible for growth, development and progress of societies and communities. They prepare the next generations, and the level of their commitment, devotion and dedication determines the future society. The role of teachers is changing in current times, characterized by globalization and liberalization and vast expansion of new information and communication technologies. It is essential that all issues critical to preparation of competent, committed and willing-to-perform teachers be examined in depth, by...
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