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Multiple Intelligence,Effective Study Skills and Academic Achievement   Benazir Ayesha and Fauzia Khurshid

Multiple Intelligence,Effective Study Skills and Academic Achievement

280 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Students respond to the stimuli around them in a unique way due to their unique mental abilities which enable them to hold unique perception of knowledge and skills.We will be mistaken if we think that all students of an educational institutions having equal intellectual and information processing abilities, due to the fact that all of them rarely share same biological, cultural and personal backgrounds. Differences between individuals can be described in innumerable ways which can accordingly categorize each person on the basis of his/her particularly prominent intelligence types. What this means in educational contexts is that different learning styles are accompanied with different intelligences in individuals. If learner’s intelligence can be identified, then the teachers can teach different learners successfully according to their unique orientation towards learning. Intelligence also plays a very important role in academic achievement. Only Intelligence cannot provide...
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