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Moral Values of B.Tech Students   T.N. Nagalakshmi

Moral Values of B.Tech Students

236 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Man can, not only create objects, machines, institutions and ideas, but also can envision a life which he can be or become if he wills. To elaborate a little more-man imagines the concept of a chair or a machine with some particular form, qualities or functions and builds it with a degree of perfection, approaching that of the concept, depending on his ability. Similarly man can envision a life with certain qualities: truthfulness, love, tolerance, peace etc., and can become the being he envisions. To explain in the words of Maslow, “being” is “that which the person is” and “becoming”, “that which the person could be”, Gordon W. Allport can be aptly quoted in this connection. He writes: “If the prejudiced style of life can be learned and certainly it is not innate-then surely the tentative style or in Gandhi's term, 'equi-minded outlook' can also be acquired”. In the present book an attempt has been made to know the attitude of B.Tech students towards Moral Values.
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