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How to hone Critical Thinking Skills through Assessment   Betty McDonald

How to hone Critical Thinking Skills through Assessment

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I have not met an educator who enjoys having students regurgitate information without taking the time to internalise the given facts and arrive at their own conclusions after much analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Have you? Everyone wants a winner! All stakeholders see the need for critical thinkers. Most books and websites on critical thinking focus on its knots and bolts: what it is; what it is not; how you can teach it; do’s and don’ts; and how you can assess it. This book is different! It shows you how you can use assessment (that is accepted as compulsory in all courses/programmes) to hone critical thinking skills. Because everyone already accepts assessment it is easier to convince the greatest skeptic about the importance of critical thinking. The shared examples show how the critical thinking principles I have taught my students through the medium of assessment have enabled them to be enormously successful. This book is useful not only for teachers, parents, administrators,...
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