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Efficiency of Social Service Provision for Trafficking Victims   Liesma Ose and Evija Klave

Efficiency of Social Service Provision for Trafficking Victims

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the 1980s the issue of human trafficking has been reviewed both from the legal and human rights points of view, from a scope of gender and power relations, regarding relation between trafficking in persons and prostitution. Searches for solution to this extremely complex issue have caused disagreements among social service providers, serving actual victims. Some interpret trafficking in persons as a variety of prostitution, while others encourage providing for ideologically neutral assistance to each trafficking survivor. Results of two studies, carried out in Latvia and in USA, Illinois, in 2007, are presented here. The authors have developed efficiency assessment methodology of social services, delivered to survivors. Researchers have been looking for answers to several issues. What kind of help is currently available to survivors? What kind of help would be necessary? What is the best way how to offer social services to victims and help them to reintegrate into the labor...
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