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Learning Disability   Samir Kumar Lenka

Learning Disability

344 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Learning disabled are found in every classroom not only the India, but also in world. But especially in India learning disabled students are found in sub-urban and rural areas at primary level. Where the parents and teachers are unable to provide appropriate guidance to such children. If the problems of learning disabled are not dealt properly at appropriate stage, their achievement would lead to an academic retardation, maladjustment and thus result would be constant failures. Reading, writing, spelling is the key component to every language. Reading is a process of reception ability to comprehend the writer’s message. Writing is composite skill which convey through ideas, feelings and takes an account to presentation and receivers prescription. Spoken language disputes immediately after presentation but writing keeps permanent records of all experience. Learning disabled are found to be deficient in various linguistic skills. They need special methods to help them to learn & cope...
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