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Business Strategy and Development of Small Organizations   Omary Swallehe

Business Strategy and Development of Small Organizations

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Strategy could be defined differently by different people coming from similar to different settings. There are people who view strategy as a planned process while others see it as an emergent kind of thing. Another school of thoughts view strategy as something to do with big organizations whilst small organizations do not need strategies in their daily operations.Having borrowed from army setup, the word strategy is an ambiguity yet multidimensional term to both academia and practitioners. There is no universally agreed definition of the word strategy all round the world. It could be perceived differently at different situations making this phenomenon the most famous in business perhaps than any other terms in business management . This book hints on the best way of developing and implementing business strategy for small organizations in an emerging world. One can argue perhaps that, developing world lacks much research in the area of business management compared to developed world....
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