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Educational information communication tech: a kaleidoscopic flashback   Adolph Chikasha

Educational information communication tech: a kaleidoscopic flashback

60 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book attempts to trace back the development of educational information technology from the antiquated tools to the modern computer sophisticated gadgets. The themes are systematically arranged in sequential seven chapters with activity suggestions for each chapter. The main focus of the book is the origins of the application of technology in education. Relevantly dated literature has been used to suit the historic nature of the book notwithstanding the predominantly technological aspect. It thus tries to compel the reader to appreciate the kaleidoscopic changes that have taken place over the centuries and decades from the era of educational communication by word of mouth right up to the present time when scientists are even muting the installation of the human brain into a robot because of computer technology. The book espouses the indispensability of EICT in the schoolroom.
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