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Academic Cognitive Readiness   Betty McDonald

Academic Cognitive Readiness

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This ground breaking book provides solace for many a grieving educator or parent who thinks s/he has done just about everything to facilitate and encourage learning and there are no visible signs of success. While it was easy getting some students to apply themselves, it was a nightmare getting others to attempt something worthy of commendation. Academic cognitive readiness appears to be the key. This book explores current literature on cognitive readiness and sequentially examines ten components identified by Morrison and Fletcher (2001): situation awareness; memory; transfer; metacognition; automaticity; problem solving; decision making; mental flexibility; leadership; and emotion. The numerous practical ways of addressing student challenges presented here make this book an authentic source of inspiration to educational institutions; industry; management personnel; students; educators; parents; volunteers and philanthropists. Shareware graphics included enable the work to appeal to...
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